The Last Truffula Tree in La Jolla


Yesterday I woke up at 5:30 (on my day off) to make a drive to La Jolla to capture the Dr Seuss tree. It’s not a long drive but it’s a sure must see for anyone not from the general area. It is located in Scripps Park in La Jolla. Quite a few people are unaware that Dr Seuss lived in La Jolla for a few years of his life and even though his home has not been disclosed to the public it is said that he drew the inspiration for the Truffle Trees from the sole tree in Scripps Park.

I’ve been there before but it was on an awful day that was super crowded. It was still dark and only a few people in sight. I started off shooting and it’s pretty simple to shoot, it being a tree and all but I took quite a few photos before I felt as if one was good enough. I walked back to my car and then went right back to the tree because I was still pretty iffy. The sun had come up now and the lighting was pretty good so I snapped a few more and tried to get a different angle and as I walked around I heard noises coming from the beach. I decided to investigate and to my surprise there was probably 100 seals spread out on the rocks and beach. It was a completely amazing view and situation and there was no way that I wasn’t going to take pictures of them. I was very skeptical at first since I watch a lot of shows where animals completely maul humans ( but oh gosh if I was mauled by a seal please don’t tell anyone) . I got pretty close and a giant seal (the pack leader I guess) got up and started howling but I kept snapping and hurried my way from off the rocks. On my way around I skimmed through my photos and I was pleasantly satisfied so I headed back to my car and called it a morning. I haven’t had the chance to shoot in a while due to my work schedule but it felt awesome to get back out. If you ever get a chance it is a great sight even for the people who aren’t photographers and just want to enjoy something amazing


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