The Somewhat Beautiful Seychelles 🇸🇨 

I know the title immediately gives you a bad vibe of the country but you must give me a chance to elaborate.

I visited Seychelles for the 1st time a few months ago while I was traveling and at 1st glance this place was probably the most outstandingly beautiful place I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I was just in Guam a month earlier and it has nothing on this place surely even though Guam is known for its amazing beaches and incredibly warm waters. Seychelles did not disappoint visually by any means. The waters were warm and extremely clear, you could look down through the water for at least 3-4ft. I had a chance to go snorkeling of the island of Mahe and there were so many tropical fish that would just engulf you as you swam in there ocean. Now like I said the water was very warm and comfortable but extremely salty! It was hands down the saltiest water I’ve ever swam in and even worse got into my mouth ! Eww! After that a few friends and I traveled to another of the near islands where we had an afternoon lunch with a group of local islanders that I must say was exquisite in a modest sense. There were even quite a few wild turtles that wandered around as we ate and viewed all the sites. At the beach there were crabs walking around on the shoreline and gigantic fruit spiders in the plan trees. There was a man chopping fresh coconut on the beach as well. Everything about this place just screamed “VACATION”.

Now for the downside ..dun dun dun. It was New Year’s Eve at the time of my visit and around 4pm everything on the island shutdown! I mean there was nothing open whatsoever except a few local convenience stores. My buddies and I walked for a while to several different restaurants and every single one was closed ! And believe me when I say that there are no fast food places on the island .. well at least none that I found. Now I know I sound like a baby but another thing I just couldn’t get use to is “Island Time.” It is actually a real thing. Like the traffic is slow, the wifi is slower and the food service is the slowest ! Everyone is in no rush at all and I mean neither was I but being a spoiled American that is use to having everything right away definitely did not play out to my benefit at all. It was just like everyone was completely fine with getting things done whenever. It would take the server 30 minutes to take our order and then maybe and hour or so to bring out the food, the another 30 minutes to bring the check! If anything it more frustrating that rewarding.

But besides my minuscule gripes and complaints, the Islands of Seychelles were absolutely gorgeous to say the least. I couldn’t describe them in any other words. I had the opportunity to take a few pictures from my time there and I hope you can enjoy and see the beauty I was able to see, but trust me when I say that the pictures don’t do this place justice. 

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