Honor Amongst Thieves

Ive recently written a blog about my first encounter with Pair of Thieves (which you probably haven’t read) and I continue to have nothing but positive things to say in regards to their product and overall service. I reached out to the company to continue to photograph more of their products and help with UGC. I received the best and most polite response from them and quite frankly I immediately liked them that much more. You hear negative things in the media on a daily basis about companies who have a great product but not the best service or views. A lot of that most of us will never know but it is a great feeling to enjoy a product and also enjoy the people that make it possible. One thing you can never erase is a feeling and that is what you get from this company. 

I mean seriously though, who doesn’t like a bear in a mask ?

The other day I received a package in the mail with a great amount of variety and from the cotton/spandex blend shirts to the breathable underwear I was 100% satisfied with the product. I had already tried and reviewed their socks but the shirts was a first. It was true to size, fitting snug but stretched enough to werd it didn’t make you uncomfortable. Their slogan “The most fitting undershirts in all the land” is not a facade by any means! 

And they’re not only for men. They offer a variety of socks for moms and kids, as mentioned in my previous blog -> Awesomeness . This is definitely a company you can support but also enjoy the high quality of their products.

Brand new socks > almost everything else

From the outrageous designs, to the ingenious packaging, to the bear in the mask, I highly recommend purchasing anything from them and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Check them out here and become a Thief today


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