“Hands” a 35mm Series

I have been recently shooting film a lot more often and learning how to process, develop and make prints on my own instead of outsourcing to a 3rd party. I must say that it gives you a greater appreciation for photography as a whole. I’m not a newbie to photography but film is another level of control and patience. I can’t tell you how much film I’ve wasted due to rushing or not accurately testing my light meter. To be completely honest.. getting a good exposure, preventing spotting and avoiding defects in the processing is a daunting task. Once that is all complete and you develop your film in a darkroom and get your final images.. it is a very rewarding feeling! To know that you shot the film, processed, developed and made prints certainly puts in perspective of how difficult they had it in the early 1900’s. I encourage anyone that calls themselves a photographer to take it back to the roots and get the basic knowledge and it will make you a more deliberate and overall better photographer.


I have been wanting to shoot a series for digital but decided to take the opportunity to shoot the series in film since I had access to a darkroom. I own a Canon AE-1 Program (which I feel is one of the best film cameras ever and paved the way for digital cameras.. but thats another topic in itself). For those that don’t know, the AE-1 Program is a 35mm format manual slr camera. I used a Canon 50mm lens to shoot the images for the reason that it offers dreamy bokeh and has a few more stops for when there is not too much light available. As for film I used Kodak Tri-X ISO 400 black and white professional film.

I chose hands specifically because they can tell you so much about a person or tell a story in itself.

Here is my series. I hope you enjoy

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