Open Fields to Wander

Today I decided to wander around Mission Trails in East County of San Diego.

Mission Trails Regional Park

It was fairly early and the sun was not out yet which is a good thing because it gets hot really fast. I figured that it would be the best time to get some photographs because it wouldn’t be too crowded and animals wouldn’t be hiding from the sun just yet.

I started walking around the lake with my Labrador pup Almond. It was quiet but I knew the area is known for rattlesnakes so she couldn’t be off leash for long. We came up to an opening in the lake that wasn’t crowded in the brush. There was a Snowy Egret wading in the water fishing for a snack. Snapped some photographs of him and as easily as we arrived .. we left.

white crane
160mm    f/2.8   ISO500   1/2500sec


I wandered for a few about another hour and nothing to noticeable but a few birds here and there. If you follow me on instagram I’m sure you’re tired of my bird photographs lol. There were also a few rabbits but nothing overall too interesting.

As I passed over the hill leading into the mountainside, I saw a brief movement and I paused. I saw a tiny head pop out of the brush.

It was a coyote.. then there were more

There was 3 of them in total and 2 were much larger than the first I had seen. I sat still about 300 meters away and waited to see what they were doing. The smaller one started to stray off a bit. As he moved, I got closer and closer. I did not venture too close because I didn’t want to disturb them and I also had my pup with me and I didn’t want any altercations. I was able to grab some images of the little coyote and I am very happy with the turn out. I plan on making a morning of filming and getting more shots of these guys.

coyote in the hills watermark
200mm     f/5.6     ISO640     1/1600sec
200mm     f/5.6     ISO640     1/1600sec
200mm     f/5.6     ISO640     1/1600sec




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