Payton’s 1st Newborn Session

What’s cuter than a 9 day old baby?

The answer is nothing! 

I had the pleasure of photographing baby Payton this past Monday and it went absolutely as planned. I know, thats never the case in most photoshoots and almost never in a newborn shoot. Her mother coordinated with me that she wanted a fall themed session (outside) but nothing too extreme. Since the weather in San Diego is pretty fickle this time of the year, I decided to take the reigns and create a fall scene in the studio. Her mother let me have complete creative control and I set up everything that I felt would make the session spectacular.

After HAND picking fall flowers from around the city.

It was show time and little Payton did not disappoint. She showed up sleepy and a ready participant. Newborn photography sessions are fairly difficult in the aspect of you never really know how the baby will cooperate. That was not the case this time.

I placed her into my scene and started to snap photograph after photograph. After I felt I got the main shots that I needed it was time for a new pose. This is where things became a bit tricky because she was no longer in a full sleep. After trying to calm her, get a few more shots and get her in different poses I figured it was best to call it a night because its no sense in furthering her discomfort by continually moving her all over the place.

Towards the end it was a bit more difficult but all in I was able to get the images that I was looking for and that Mom & Dad would adore.

Here a few images from the session. Enjoy!

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