OneTigris Dog Hiking Backpack

Unexpected Awesomeness Ever heard of OneTigris ? Neither had I until last week and here’s how it happened. I have a Labrador pup named Almond (you can follow her here @WheresAlmond) and I’ve been slowly getting her more in tuned with going hiking, exploring and overall just doing outdoors stuff. Well I was looking through other… Read More

“Hands” a 35mm Series

I have been recently shooting film a lot more often and learning how to process, develop and make prints on my own instead of outsourcing to a 3rd party. I must say that it gives you a greater appreciation for photography as a whole. I’m not a newbie to photography but film is another level… Read More

5 Tips for Animal Photography

  If you’re new to photography or a seasoned vet I still think the best way to progress at anything is to continually learn. I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember but I have recently found a desire to take animal photos. Whether wild, domestic, at the zoo or a… Read More

Photo of the Day 5/8/16

If anyone knows me, they know that landscape and nature photography are my thing. I take portraits and shoot just about anything but the nature experience is like no other. That might seem like small talk to most but something as simple as any animal gives me that rush to capture the best image possible…. Read More

A Day with Dacia

A quick session can spawn several great images. Especially when the client is comfortable and the lighting is spot on.  A lot of the time photographers shy away from hard sunlight but today I decided to tackle the beast. Below are a few images from this afternoons shoot. What do you think ?

The Best Way to Dye Eggs for Easter

Want awesome eggs for Easter but don’t want to spend a lot of time ? We all do ! Want to know the best way to do it? There isn’t one.. But here’s how I did it and my little ones loved it. What you need Eggs – (personal preference on type, color and how… Read More

Product of the Day 1/24/17

I normally do a photo of the day but I decided to switch it up and do a product of the day to highlight Rastaclat ‘s new “Year of the Dog” bracelet. The color scheme mixed with the detailed packaging and amazing bracelet quality makes this release hard to skip. Get one before they’re gone… Read More