Photo of the Day 5/8/16

If anyone knows me, they know that landscape and nature photography are my thing. I take portraits and shoot just about anything but the nature experience is like no other. That might seem like small talk to most but something as simple as any animal gives me that rush to capture the best image possible. To make a long story short, I was at Balboa Park and spotted a fairly sized squirrel perched in a tree. I only had my Fujifilm x100s with me and its a compact camera with a fixed 23mm lens equipped to it.

I carefully crept up to him until I was roughly 7 inches away.

I was stunned at the fact that he remained still because I’ve always know squirrels to be extremely skittish of people.

I enabled the “silent shutter” feature and snapped away. I was able to get 5-6 images of this beautiful animal before he decided no longer to be my muse.


Until next time..

Hidden Cave in Sunset Cliffs – San Diego, Ca

There is an open ceiling cave, openly hidden in Sunset Cliffs and it’s an absolutely amazing view. Its such a fascinating sight it’s hard to believe that it’s so close and accessible to everyone. Due to the fairly difficult access there is not normally a lot of people here. On a contradictory level, when there are people here .. there is ALOT (mostly photographers) and it’s difficult to get a photo without anyone else in it. I’m going to give you a few tips on how and when you should check it out.


• Do not attempt to access cave unless there is a negative tide.

• Tide chart here

• Be prepared to get wet (at least to the knees)

• Slippery ! So wear some sort of boot you don’t mind getting wet. (Keep camera in bag until you reach cave)

I went around 1:00pm and the tide was low enough for me to traverse to the entrance (I still managed to soak my boots though).

Where is it?

Enter “Luscombs Point” into your GPS and let your smartphone lead the way. You’re going take sunset cliffs blvd all the way to the cliffs. You will see a circular fence keeping anyone from falling in. That is where you will climb down to the lowest point on the rocks (you will probably see surfers entering here).

You will see the slope decline where the arrow is above. Climb down to the edge of the rocks

Make your way around the corner (be careful because it’s slippery)

Traverse around one more corner until you reach the beach area (you will get knee deep). Entrance is where the arrow is marked.

The entrance.


Once you make it to the cave, enjoy and take pictures. Just keep in mind how long you’re there because the tide will not stay low and you do not want to get trapped down there. Have fun !

The Best Way to Dye Eggs for Easter

Want awesome eggs for Easter but don’t want to spend a lot of time ?

We all do !

Want to know the best way to do it?

There isn’t one.. But here’s how I did it and my little ones loved it.

What you need

  • Eggs – (personal preference on type, color and how many)
  • Boiling water – 1/2 cup
  • Vinegar – 1tsp
  • Food coloring – 15-20 drops (depending on how dark you want the color)

I personally don’t think there is a magical way to make the best eggs. Some of mine broke, smeared and just didn’t look right but I think that’s the key to the perfect egg. Imperfections are the best thing that can happen. Nothing is perfect except the time you spend with your children and having these sorts of moments together. So just get out there and have fun.. or wait till next year because more than likely you’ve already made your eggs today lol.

OneTigris Dog Hiking Backpack

Unexpected Awesomeness

Ever heard of OneTigris ? Neither had I until last week and here’s how it happened.

I have a Labrador pup named Almond (you can follow her here @WheresAlmond) and I’ve been slowly getting her more in tuned with going hiking, exploring and overall just doing outdoors stuff. Well I was looking through other dog pages on Instagram and came across a hiking pitbull by the name of Penni. She had an awesome hiking bag and then it became clear to me that I wanted one for my pup as well. I noticed that OneTigris was tagged in the photo and decided to look at their product. After reading reviews and seeing how fairly priced their items were, I decided to pull the trigger. Everyone else seemed happy with their backpack so I’m sure I would be too !

Fast Forward

I received my pack (Almond’s Pack) and I was blown away at the quality and durability of it. You never know what you’re going to get by looking at pictures but it feels great to the touch and it has a snug/adjustable fit for all dog sizes.


It has 2 main pouches on the outer sides with a zipped sub-pouch on the inside with another small pouch on the outside of the main pouch. A total of 6 pouches in all. Plenty of room to carry things on hikes (because don’t we all get tired of carrying bowls,bags, snacks etc..?). It also has 2 harness points for easy connection to your leash.

But don’t forget.. they’re dogs, not horses.


If you’re tired of carrying your stuff AND your pups stuff on hikes/walks then I would definitely recommend purchasing one of these for your dog today! Its only $32.98 and will save you a headache (and possibly a backache) over time.

Purchase here OneTigris Backpack