Moment Lens “New Wide Angle” Review

Moment Lenses

Do you like photography? Want to take nice(er) photos without investing a ton of money into gear that you’re not even really sure you need? Have a bunch of gear but don’t really like always carrying it around ?

If so I’m sure I’ve found a really good alternative!

There’s tons of reasons to get behind Moment Lens Co.

First off, if your a photog in anyway this is the most effective, and inexpensive way to do what you love anywhere without always having to carry around a DSLR. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “The best camera is the one you have with you” and most of the time that would be our smartphones. Now that iPhones, Androids and other smartphones have the capability to shoot in much higher quality and details it makes it a lot more likely that people just snap a quickie with their phone. But what’s better than the ability to take pictures with the different viewpoints that expensive lenses provide without having to need and expensive lens and camera ? Well that’s where Moment Lenses comes in. I came across them on Kickstarter a while back but I’ve finally gotten around to purchasing a lens from them and trying it out! Oh man I must say I’m extremely happy with the product as a whole.

The “New” Wide Angle

Price $99.99

In the box

  1. Lens
  2. Lens Cap
  3. Carrying Case
  4. Nifty Card with nicely printed picture

The build on the lens really nice. It has a nice weight but not awkwardly heavy and attaching it to the case is similar to attaching a lens to a camera. Fits in any pocket you decide to put it in and the glass is nice as well. I can’t tell you how scratch resistant it is because I don’t really want to find out. As for the Wide angle you can definitely tell how much wider the frame extends on your phone and it’s quite amazing. I have a sweet spot in my heart for Wide Angles and this one is no different.





I would definitely recommend this lens to any on-the-go photog that likes to switch up the look of their photos. I would recommend this anyone that wants to increase their photographic ability all together!

You can pick one up here The New Wide Angle

Get yours and don’t forget to tag #ShotOnMoment

Cowles Mountain – San Diego, Ca

Ever hiked this mountain? Well first you need to know that it is one of the highest peaks in San Diego at 1,592 ft. It is around 1.5 mile hike up and 1.5 mile hike back. Considering the peak it is a fairly uphill hike but it is kid friendly and pet friendly but the pets have to remain leashed. It’s one of the most popular trails in San Diego so it’s highly trafficked and I would recommend going early in the morning to avoid the high volume of people on the trail and bring water as well.

There is free parking in a lot but for only around 20-25 cars. There is a ton of street parking as well so you wouldn’t need much time to find a spot. It’s is on the corner of Golfcrest Dr and Navajo Rd.

Map here

I recently decided to take my daughter and puppy for this hike because I’ve heard it was not too hard but I have never had the chance to do it myself. It was supposed to be hot (even though it is in the middle of November here) so we planned to go pretty early. We arrived around 9am and it was already 75° degrees and sunny. We started the hike and it wasn’t bad at all. It was heart pumping and definitely got your blood flowing. We took a few breaks on the way up to give my daughter and puppy time to catch their breaths. There are cutouts in the way to the top to stop and sit. There are no benches though so be prepared to rest on rocks.

After about an hour we reached the top and the view of San Diego was incredible. There were quite a few people at the top as well and considering it was hot with no shade, we didn’t stay long.

The hike down the mountain was a lot less strenuous then the hike up.. obviously lol. But sense it was around 10:30am there were a lot of people coming up the mountain so the trail started to become crowded somewhat. It took about 45 minutes to return down the mountain to our vehicle and I must say that my girls were glad it was over.

I highly recommend this hike to anyone that loves the out doors or anyone who just wants to hike and take some photos. You will have a great time. Get out and enjoy!

Honor Amongst Thieves

Ive recently written a blog about my first encounter with Pair of Thieves (which you probably haven’t read) and I continue to have nothing but positive things to say in regards to their product and overall service. I reached out to the company to continue to photograph more of their products and help with UGC. I received the best and most polite response from them and quite frankly I immediately liked them that much more. You hear negative things in the media on a daily basis about companies who have a great product but not the best service or views. A lot of that most of us will never know but it is a great feeling to enjoy a product and also enjoy the people that make it possible. One thing you can never erase is a feeling and that is what you get from this company. 

I mean seriously though, who doesn’t like a bear in a mask ?

The other day I received a package in the mail with a great amount of variety and from the cotton/spandex blend shirts to the breathable underwear I was 100% satisfied with the product. I had already tried and reviewed their socks but the shirts was a first. It was true to size, fitting snug but stretched enough to werd it didn’t make you uncomfortable. Their slogan “The most fitting undershirts in all the land” is not a facade by any means! 

And they’re not only for men. They offer a variety of socks for moms and kids, as mentioned in my previous blog -> Awesomeness . This is definitely a company you can support but also enjoy the high quality of their products.

Brand new socks > almost everything else

From the outrageous designs, to the ingenious packaging, to the bear in the mask, I highly recommend purchasing anything from them and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Check them out here and become a Thief today

Photo of the day 10/17/17

After a lengthy gym session I come home to shower and get ready for work. I come outside around 6:30am and the San Diego skies look amazing. I decided to pull out my IPhone 7 Plus because like they say .. “The best camera is the one you have with you” (even though I was in my own driveway and could’ve gotten my dslr). I took a rather nice photo imo and here it is. 
“Enjoy life and all the things that come with it.”