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The Best Way to Dye Eggs for Easter

Want awesome eggs for Easter but don’t want to spend a lot of time ? We all do ! Want to know the best way to do it? There isn’t one.. But here’s how I did it and my little ones loved it. What you need Eggs – (personal preference on type, color and how… Read More

Product of the Day 1/24/17

I normally do a photo of the day but I decided to switch it up and do a product of the day to highlight Rastaclat ‘s new “Year of the Dog” bracelet. The color scheme mixed with the detailed packaging and amazing bracelet quality makes this release hard to skip. Get one before they’re gone… Read More

Photo of The Day 1/8/18

1st “Photo of The Day” of the New Year.. even though I’m 8 days late and this picture is a few days older than that lol. Enjoy and stay blessed.

Moment Lens “New Wide Angle” Review

Moment Lenses Do you like photography? Want to take nice(er) photos without investing a ton of money into gear that you’re not even really sure you need? Have a bunch of gear but don’t really like always carrying it around ? If so I’m sure I’ve found a really good alternative! There’s tons of reasons… Read More

Photo of the Day

Canon 6D and 35mm 1.4L ISO 100, F2.8, 1/250 A rare photo of my Almond looking happy/exhausted Follow her journey Almond the Chocolate Lab

Cowles Mountain – San Diego, Ca

Ever hiked this mountain? Well first you need to know that it is one of the highest peaks in San Diego at 1,592 ft. It is around 1.5 mile hike up and 1.5 mile hike back. Considering the peak it is a fairly uphill hike but it is kid friendly and pet friendly but the… Read More