The Best Way to Dye Eggs for Easter

Want awesome eggs for Easter but don’t want to spend a lot of time ? We all do ! Want to know the best way to do it? There isn’t one.. But here’s how I did it and my little ones loved it. What you need Eggs – (personal preference on type, color and howContinue reading “The Best Way to Dye Eggs for Easter”

OneTigris Dog Hiking Backpack

Unexpected Awesomeness Ever heard of OneTigris ? Neither had I until last week and here’s how it happened. I have a Labrador pup named Almond (you can follow her here @WheresAlmond) and I’ve been slowly getting her more in tuned with going hiking, exploring and overall just doing outdoors stuff. Well I was looking through otherContinue reading “OneTigris Dog Hiking Backpack”

Moment Lens “New Wide Angle” Review

Moment Lenses Do you like photography? Want to take nice(er) photos without investing a ton of money into gear that you’re not even really sure you need? Have a bunch of gear but don’t really like always carrying it around ? If so I’m sure I’ve found a really good alternative! There’s tons of reasonsContinue reading “Moment Lens “New Wide Angle” Review”